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You Can Take Vitamins To Improve Your Cholesterol

If you have an usual elevated cholesterol level, you have a chance of getting heart disease. It won’t happen right away. Heart disease comes on slowly if you maintain a elevated cholesterol level as you get older.

Prescription medicine can be used to reduce your cholesterol levels. HMG-CoA Inhibitors are also known as “statins” and are the most popular medicines that are used to help cholesterol levels. These medicines stop the HMG-CoA enzyme and do not allow cholesterol to be produced from fat. Statins are the most powerful medicines currently available and are proven to be of great benefit for people who need to decrease their cholesterol levels.

Other medicines that decrease cholesterol are bile acid sequestrants and this medicine attaches itself to the bile in the liver. Bile is necessary for digestion and allows fat to be to absorbed. People take bile acid sequestrants to stop fat from being digested in bile.

There are more natural ways to reduce cholesterol with vitamins. The most important vitamin is B3 which is also know as niacin. Niacin assists the body in making glucose from carbohydrates and this is used to refuel the body. The whole group of B vitamins have many purposes that are crucial to utilizing fat and protein in the body, including keeping your nervous system balanced, healthy skin, hair, mouth and liver. Niacin also cleanses the body of dangerous chemicals.

It has also been discovered that niacin works with cholesterol reducing medicine and it makes it more effective. However, you have to take a mega dose of Niacin for it to do any good. People have to be careful of attempting to self medicate themselves with big doses of Niacin. There are side effects associated with high does of Niacin, such as flushed skin caused by blood vessels dilating, itching, headaches, upset stomach and cramps in your muscles.

Vitamins C and E have also been shown to assist the body in reducing cholesterol levels because these two vitamins help avoid heart disease by saving LDL cholesterol from being damaged. Many cardiologists think that LDL cholesterol is not necessarily all bad and does not causes heart disease unless it is damaged. Another substance Lecithin also contributes to lowering cholesterol when it takes out excess cholesterol from your body and cleans out the fat in your arteries.

These are all various suggestions to improve your cholesterol and you can discuss this with your doctor so you can make the best decision about what to do.

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