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Your Orlando Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Should Include Water Damage

It is important that your Orlando homeowner’s insurance policy cover all the possible damage that could befall your house. It is truly a disaster when there is a fire or flood in a house. It can be one of the most devastating things we ever have to deal with. In most cases many of our treasured personal belongings are lost and often irreplaceable. Imagine how completely distressing it would be if we were to lose loved ones or pets from a fire or flood in our house. We hope that we will never have to cope with a disaster of this magnitude, but it is important to be insured properly in Orlando just in case something like this should befall us.

When there is a fire, it is usually covered by our homeowner’s insurance policy and is not often that difficult to collect. Water damage can be quite a different story. Depending on the type of water has occurred, it can be difficult or impossible to collect money for repairs. In case you have not read your homeowner’s policy carefully, you should do so now before it might be too late. People in Orlando and elsewhere are sometimes under the impression that they would be covered if there was a flood that badly damages their house. With all the hurricanes in recent years, many people have been rudely awakened to the fact that many homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover flooding in the case of a natural disaster. There is nothing worse than discovering you are not covered after you have just lost your house and belongings in a flood.

Though many of these people have battled with their insurance companies vehemently, in most cases it came to nothing and that is exactly the settlement they came up with, nothing. Being left uninsured with no claim to help them to rebuild or repair their house is an unimaginable blow to these families. Many of these families are left homeless with no place to go and a future that looks grim.

This is a position you definitely do not want to be left in. If you are unsure of your coverage concerning flood damage of any kind, you need to review your homeowner’s policy immediately. This is especially necessary if you live in areas prone to floods. Even if the area you live in has not been susceptible to flooding before, the odd weather patterns these last few years could turn the area you live in into a higher risk for flooding.

If you are not covered for any flood damage or limited flood damage by the house owner’s insurance you currently have in Orlando, it is a wise idea to have it added if the company offers it. Some companies don’t have flood insurance so you should consider changing to one that does offer it. Just checking news stories from a few years back and seeing the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina is enough to make anyone realize that flood insurance is something you do not want to be caught without.

Richard Barthallo enjoys sharing his life experiences and is a legend at Water Damage Restoration Orlando. He has assisted or advised on many Water Damage Orlando extractions.

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