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We like to swim against the tide. If you only go with the strongest current, you'll miss out on an ocean of adventure.

“Starting an agency was never my original plan. But now, working with an amazing team every day and producing quality content for exciting companies - it's more than I could've wished for."
Pia Eck
Founder & CEO
“We really get a kick out of going the extra mile when it comes to making our customers happy. It's a real joy to now be able to share our many years worth of accumulated knowledge.”
Damian Djukic

How fish learn to swim.

March 2020

World trip: cancelled.

Circling the globe, meeting people, discovering cultures, gaining life-changing experiences. That was the plan. But instead of going on a world tour, founders Pia & Damian got stuck in the first lockdown with 3 suitcases and the question: what now?

March 2020
May 2020

Contentfish: founded.

Sit around and wait for someone to turn back time? No thank you. Austria is a beautiful country where starting an entrepreneurship sounds exciting, and quality content marketing is hard to find.

May 2020
Sept 2020

First customers: enthusiastic.

Contentfish was able to start its journey into the agency business with ACP Holding Austria and Sodexo Austria. A swarm of fish soon followed in the wake of the first two, all wanting to share their own exciting stories.

Sept 2020
Juni 2021

Creative minds: found.

As an already full schedule started to overflow, Pia & Damian began looking for other creative minds who shared their passion for content marketing. Right away the Contentfish team began to develop, grow, and surpass itself.

Juni 2021
Dezember 2021

Remote & Office: combined.

There's still a bit of a globetrotting left in the two founders, and dusty office buildings have had their day in the digital age. So the entire Contentfish team works remotely, but has set up a creative office in Vienna to use for workshops, project work & meet ups.

Dezember 2021
Future Steps

Fish don't swim backwards.

Some agencies focus on strategy, some on systems like Hubspot, and others on content creation.

We're convinced that good ideas only sell with strong storytelling. We make use of strategic, systematic and creative tools to offer a holistic approach to marketing.

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