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It's been awhile since straight advertising has really reached us. Instead, we look for useful, exciting and authentic content. Companies who can offer that to their target group experience increased trust, brand loyalty, and willingness to buy from their customers. But first, you have to find what that is. This is where Contentfish comes in.

Convince with Quality

Added-Value Marketing

In the digital age, professional content marketing is a must. Why? Because meaningful posts, high-quality videos and a unique design builds trust in your company. Which in turn strengthens your brand, and drives traffic to your website and quality leads into your sales funnel.

„The big challenge in content marketing is regularly and strategically publishing high-quality content. Contentfish has the tools to help you along this journey right from the start.“
Elisa Popanton-CiuCiu

Content Manager | Sodexo

Content Marketing Advice

No two companies are alike, so there's no point in trying to give a one-size-fits-all solution and diving right into publishing content. That's why we take the time to get to know you before we advise you. Together we'll determine which resources and strategies are available, and where we can support you. The result is an individual, tailor-made solution. 

Content Audit
Competitor Analysis
Buyer Persona

Content Marketing Strategy & Planning

We'll work with you closely and in confidence to find the secrets of what makes your company tick, and develop strong strategies with the perfect stage to share your stories. With a clear goal, we'll limit target groups, topics and channels in order to allocate resources sensibly and implement campaigns successfully.

Target group
Buyers Journey
Editorial Plans

Content Creation

Quality and individuality. That's what we stand for, because every story deserves to be told in a unique & exciting way. Fresh ideas, paired with creative-strategic implementation, give our projects a high added value and create memorable experiences for your target group.

Graphics & Design


Everyone remembers a good story, and a good story teller: well-told stories will help win over and make an impression on customers. This is our daily work, and we love what we do. Posts, videos, infographics, podcasts...powerful stories can be told through many mediums, and we always find the best format to fit your content marketing strategies.


Measuring Success & Optimization

As fast-paced as the world is today, content marketing urgently needs meaningful KPIs and regular updates. Professional analyses, paired with a feeling for modern marketing ensures unique campaigns. We're ready to share all the best ideas we can draw from all of our creative minds with our customers.

Common sense
What's up with content marketing?

Our Content Marketing Blog

The vast ocean that is Content Marketing can be tricky to navigate. Our credo is to create easy-to-understand content, no matter how complex the topic is. Stay curious.

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