AI Images: An Overview Of The Best AI Image Generators

1. February 2024
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You're surely already familiar with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everyone's talking about it, especially among entrepreneurs. Basically, all areas of our industry are currently being redefined - through the combination of human creativity and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to copywriting, sales and automation, this particularly affects the areas of graphic design, web design, photography, animation and other visual skills in content marketing.

AI image generators achieve excellent results when it comes to design tasks. There is now a wide range of interesting programs available, although they sometimes differ greatly in terms of their functionalities. That's exactly what this blog post is about: defining the criteria for selecting AI image generators and introducing you to specific tools. So keep reading and discover the best AI tools for innovative design for yourself.


Image Creation Using AI: The Key Factors

Convincing AI image generators create attractive images for your marketing content - thumbnails, key visuals and social media posts, for example. AI image generators are also useful tools for creating product images for your online store. Which AI image generator you use depends on your specific requirements. The following criteria will help you choose a suitable AI image generator.


1. Performance:

Any AI image generator you select should be able to perform multiple tasks, such as image processing, color correction and scaling.


2. Customization:
Some AI image generators offer more options for customization than others. Therefore, check to what extent the respective AI tool is able to turn your visions into images based on its settings and how it adapts to different styles and projects.


3. User friendliness:

An intuitive user interface facilitates efficient use of an AI tool and is therefore a great advantage. Clear instructions enable smooth workflow with the AI image generator. ImgCreator is a good example for this. Straightforward input options, such as the text input or the AI Human for selecting various properties and backgrounds, allow intuitive use and make working with the AI tool much easier.


4. Quality:

Authentic images are naturally well received by your audience. That's why your AI tool should be able to generate images that evoke emotions. You should also consider the style you want to express in the finished image. A photorealistic image? A magical illustration? Or perhaps a vivid 3D rendering? A comparison of the various AI image generators is therefore also recommended. Midjourney, for example, is well suited for creating key visuals, while StockIMG offers numerous image representations with different styles, such as posters or illustrations.


5. Pricing:

Some AI image generators are free, others you can only use with a subscription. However, you shouldn't get too excited about free offers. Many AI image generators do offer free use, but only with certain daily limits. Other AI tools, on the other hand, do not restrict free use with limited credits, but with lower time efficiency. Therefore, a subscription is usually the better solution for the productive use of an AI image generator in a professional context.

The Best AI Tools For Image Creation: An Overview

There is a large selection of AI image generators available today. With the following compilation of proven tools, we want to help you make your decision.



AutoDraw is a free tool developed by Google. It combines machine learning with user drawings. It is suitable for companies that want to create images quickly and easily. Graphic designers don't need advanced drawing skills to work with this AI tool.

AutoDraw is characterized by automatic suggestions that are made for the object to be created. This saves time and makes drawing more efficient. It's easy to use and delivers simple but charming drawings.

Overall, AutoDraw is a useful tool for users who want to create simple images but don't have strong artistic skills. In general, it's suitable for creating key visuals, symbols and possibly the typography of slogans. For more sophisticated images, however, you should look to other AI image generators.


Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is an AI platform developed by Adobe and is also integrated into the Adobe Creative Suite. A monthly subscription for all Creative Cloud programs costs just under 80 euros for companies. Adobe Sensei is well suited for speeding up and improving work in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Various automated functions such as color correction of images, content creation and face recognition in images are used for this purpose.

Adobe Sensei is a great tool for experienced graphic designers with previous experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud. It offers you time-efficient help for working with Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects, among others.




ZMO.AI's ImgCreator offers over a hundred text-to-image models and powerful editing features. What sets it apart is its ability to generate images from text descriptions, as well as the ability to stylistically modify downloaded images. Options for editing and transforming content are also included in the package. 

ImgCreator also features an intuitive user interface and is integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud. The tool offers a wide range of styles for creating images, including manga, photorealistic images, landscape paintings, painted portraits and vector illustrations. For professionals, a subscription is also recommended here, as the free image creation is restricted by daily limits. A subscription including all features currently costs just under 60 euros per month.

In general, ImgCreator is a useful tool that quickly creates images in various display formats and provides you with helpful support in design and product development processes.



StockIMG offers a variety of features enabling the creation of images, logos, posters, book covers and other designs across different categories. This tool differs from other AI image generators in that it offers a variety of design options, fast processing and customization options. By entering an image description, you can quickly generate images in different display types. The downside is that free use is also severely limited here. There are two different subscription options available. The premium subscription including all features costs around 27 euros per month.

Overall, StockIMG is a useful tool if you need different display formats for your projects, such as logos, illustrations or posters.



Midjourney is an AI tool by ChatGPT developer OpenAi. It allows users to generate all possible display formats based on text descriptions. For this purpose, there are chats in which you can write down what the image should look like in full sentences or keywords.

Generation time depends on the selected mode: you can choose between "relaxed" and "fast". In relaxed mode, generation takes up to 20 minutes, while in fast mode it only takes up to five minutes. Free use is limited to just 25 images in total, i.e. not daily or monthly, but actually just once.

  • The standard subscription offers 15 hours of GPU time (GPU stands for Graphic Processor Unit and calculates the displayed pixels; the higher the image quality, the higher the GPU calculates) as well as unlimited generated images in relaxed mode and costs just under 28 euros per month.

  • The pro subscription offers 30 hours of GPU time and unlimited GPU time in relaxed mode. A bonus here is stealth mode. This is a private mode that allows you to generate images that only you can access and see. The pro subscription costs just under 55 euros per month.

If you have a specific vision and want to implement graphics using simple descriptions relatively quickly and without previous knowledge of graphic design, then Midjourney could be just the right AI tool for you.


Conclusion: AI Image Generators Are Introducing A New Era Of Graphic Design

AI image generators are only just beginning to revolutionize many areas of business, including marketing and design. They are already perfectly capable of interpreting visions and putting visual representations "on paper" within a short period of time.

However, better safe than sorry. Get the test versions of these different AI image generators and find out which one best meets your requirements

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