Text Creation Using AI: 5 Tools To Look Out For

31. October 2023
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There it was all of a sudden, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Omnipresent in euphoric newspaper and web articles as well as in key notes by renowned tech gurus. And, of course, in the form of innovative AI tools that can conjure up content in a wide variety of formats at the speed of lightning - ready-to-publish, of course. At least that's what the developers claim.

Sipping coconut mojitos comfortably in a hammock while R2D2 writes our texts!? Naturally, we wanted to find out more. In the last few weeks and months, we have therefore intensively studied AI text generators and tested their practicality. We present our favorites to you in this article.

First, however, we would like to offer you a helpful overview of what is important when selecting an AI tool and what you should consider when making your choice. After all, trial and error is the better part of valorization, and only you can find out whether a much acclaimed solution is also exactly the right one for your own requirements.


12 Features Of A Good AI Text Generator

A good AI tool will provide you with a variety of qualities and features for creating engaging texts. Therefore, when choosing your AI text generator, you should consider the following 12:

  1. Natural Style: The generated texts should be written in a natural and understandable style and should not confuse your readers.

  2. Selection of Templates: Having a separate tool for blog posts, social media posts and emails is cumbersome and inefficient. A good text generator should therefore offer a wide selection of templates and be able to implement many different types of text.

  3. Adjustability: Adaptability in writing style, tone, and length of the text must also be considered when choosing an AI tool.

  4. Grammar and Spelling: Professional and trustworthy texts naturally include error-free grammar and spelling.

  5. Creativity: Good copywriters are creative and can produce original content that inspires readers. We also demand this from AI-generated texts.

  6. SEO-Optimization: The more comprehensive the SEO functions of an AI tool, the better the target group of online content will be reached. The best tools here are those that can integrate previously defined keywords directly into the finished texts.

  7. Multilingualism: The text generator should be able to create texts in different languages. However, tools that first translate work orders from the source language into English and then translate the finished content back often deliver worse results than tools that generate texts directly in your target language.

  8. Usability: A clear user interface and intuitive handling are indispensable for frustration-free work. After all, your tool should support you and not confuse you with buttons and setting options.

  9. Data and Source Processing: Access to a wide database of information is a must for creating high-quality texts. For many topics, it's also important that the data and sources are up-to-date. Therefore, pay attention to whether your text generator accesses real-time information.

  10. Character Limitations: Most AI text generators have monthly limits, which vary depending on the package you have booked and are calculated in words or characters. Therefore, when choosing, consider not only your content needs, but also the fact that you may have to make several attempts to complete a usable text. You will usually use far more words than you will read in the finished blog post.

  11. Tone of Voice: Different types of text require differentiated expression. A formal cover letter needs to be worded differently than a casual post on social media. Good text generators can adapt the tone of your content to the respective requirement. Some AI tools also directly adopt your individual tone-of-voice by analyzing sample texts.

  12. Speed: If you need a post for social media every now and then, it doesn't really matter if your AI tool takes 10 or 30 seconds for it. However, with frequent use and longer text formats, long waiting times quickly become annoying. Therefore, pay attention to the speed at which a tool completes its task. 


5 Convincing AI Text Generators For Your Content Marketing

Let's get one thing straight: There is no such thing as THE best solution for all users in sight at the moment. Perhaps one day a resourceful developer will bring a product to market that outshines everything else, just as Google has done with online search engines. Currently, however, users and companies have to be content with finding the best individual solution in the growing pool of AI tools. To help you find your way around, here are 5 compelling AI text generators for your content marketing.

Feature Overview AI Text Tools | Contentfish



Copy.ai is a text generator tool primarily designed for generating marketing texts. It allows you to quickly and easily create texts for various applications such as social media posts, product descriptions, advertising texts, website content, landing page texts and much more. The software has an extensive template database with over 90 templates.

Copy.ai is best suited for creating english texts. SEO features are also lacking. On the other hand, Copy.ai is relatively inexpensive. While other solutions have word limits even for premium packages, Copy.ai scores with an inexpensive unlimited plan.

AI Tool Copy.ai Pros and Cons | Contentfish



As one of the best known and oldest text generators on the growing market of AI tools, Jasper still holds its own in the top field of currently available solutions. With over 50 different templates, Jasper offers only about half as many as Copy.ai, but nevertheless everything a copywriter's heart desires. From longer blog posts, to introductions and social media ads, to emails, Jasper delivers compelling results. We've also had good experiences with it when brainstorming and planning posts.

Jasper is an intuitive all-in-one tool that makes content creation easier, faster, and more efficient. The text quality for creating German content is generally very good, but often falls short of those tools that are specifically designed for the German language. So if you mainly need German language content, you should also test alternatives.
AI Tool Jasper Pros and Cons | Contentfish



Neuroflash was developed by a German company and impresses with the high quality of its German-language texts. Unlike most other AI text generators, Neuroflash is a "native speaker" and does not take the detour via a translation program like DeepL or Google Translate when writing. In addition, you can use the selection of more than 100 text templates with a German user interface.

If you want to create a lot or mainly German content, you should definitely try out this AI tool. Thanks to a free plan with 2,000 words per month, you can do this extensively. Another interesting feature for companies with high security standards is that Neuroflash, as a German company, is bound by the strict European data protection regulations.
AI Tool Neuroflash Pros and Cons | Contentfish



Writesonic is an AI text generator with a wide range of functions.
We were particularly impressed by the Article Writer and the AI Chatbot. The former allows you to create blog posts of up to 2,500 words. The chatbot, on the other hand, combines the good text quality of ChatGPT with access to up-to-date information. By linking web pages or uploading text files, you can also further define the tone of voice for your text.

If you regularly publish extensive blog posts and want to create content in both German and English, Writesonic could be the right tool for you. Similar to Copy.ai, it offers you the possibility to generate appealing texts relatively inexpensively and without a word limit. You can achieve even better text quality by upgrading to the GPT-4.0 language model, but then with a limited word count.
AI Tool Writesonic Pros and Cons | Contentfish



Frase.io, like its already presented AI counterparts, has a number of templates for creating different text formats. It scores with its ease of use, good text quality and a practical editor. However, Frase.io particularly excels in the area of SEO. The tool offers five different options for finding the right keywords and generating SEO-optimized content.

With the Wikipedia Concept Map feature, for example, you can search Wikipedia for topics and generate suitable long-tail keywords in combination with the Topic Planner. You can also easily link Frase.io to Google Search Console. If you want to create usable SEO texts with just one tool and don't want to overburden your budget, then you may have already found your solution here.
AI Tool Frase.io Pros and Cons | Contentfish


Conclusion: The Perfect AI Text Generator Does Not (Yet) Exist

If you can't write a convincing text without Artificial Intelligence, you won't be able to do it with its help either. Really good content depends on human experience, personal perspectives and the author's individual writing style. Even the best AI tool won't be able to do all that in the foreseeable future. However, text professionals can also benefit from good AI text generators, as they bring more efficiency to the writing process - from conception to quality control of the finished content.

However, every content creator has to find out for themselves which tool is best suited for this purpose. In this article, you have already learned a few important criteria for the selection of AI text generators, as well as some of our personal favorites. Just use the free trial offers of the manufacturers and see which tool you get along well with and which best meets your requirements.

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