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Employer Branding vs the War for Talent

Does the best bait always catch the biggest fish? Building an attractive employer brand is a bit more nuanced than that. Employer branding combines the strengthening of your corporate brand with initiatives to attract and retain experts in your field. We'll work with you on your personnel marketing both strategically and operationally, from conception through to application & communication.

Make your Culture & Values tangible

Strong team, strong brand

There are lots of attractive employers, but not many showcase their unique corporate culture. This is your chance: authentic employer branding attracts the best candidates, almost by itself.

„Contentfish immediately understood what makes us tick as a brand and as an employer. Our employer branding is authentic and unique.“
Christina Bauer

Almdudler Team Leader, Organizational Development & Digitization

Employer Branding Strategy

Together, we'll analyze your industry's benchmarks and look for suitable touchpoints along the Candidate Journey of the specialists you're looking for. Showcasing strong employer values and exciting storytelling will ensure the development of your unique brand strategy.


Content Creation

Whether it's video, image, text or audio - we'll give your stories the right packaging. Because only authentic content makes you credible and convincing as an attractive employer.

Communication & Engagement

To make sure that you target the right candidates, we'll help you develop meaningful communication strategies. We'll also help you build an engaged community of existing and prospective employees who will become the voice of your employer brand.

What's up with content marketing?

Our Content Marketing Blog

The vast ocean that is Content Marketing can be tricky to navigate. Our credo is to create easy-to-understand content, no matter how complex the topic is. Stay curious.

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