Artificial Intelligence In Sales: How To Choose Your Ideal Tool

18. January 2024
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In today's business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a game changer in many areas. The use of AI is gaining importance in the modern sales environment of companies in particular. According to a recent report by Deloitte about use cases of AI for businesses, the optimization of processes and the design of customer contact are particularly important in the sales sector. AI is also used in sales for content creation, quality control and the detection of attempted fraud.

In this blog post, we're looking at how AI is changing the area of sales and what opportunities it offers for your company. Get ready for an adventurous journey through the world of AI!


The Scope Of AI In Sales 

Artificial Intelligence is evolving quickly. New areas of application arise almost daily. In the area of sales, there are numerous promising options already. Currently, the following are the mot important areas for AI in sales:

  • Lead Scoring: AI enables automized and data-based evaluation of the quality of leads. This makes for a precise prioritization in lead management, which in turn leads to more efficient use of resources. Two examples for lead scoring tools are HubSpot and Salesforce Einstein

  • Next Best Action: AI in sales generates clever forecasts for the next best action by analyzing various data points in the customer profile. This significantly improves the timing of tailored offers for the right customer. The Einstein Next Best Action and Oracle tools are suitable for generating the next best action.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): AI calculates the CLV to the point in order to find out which customer has the greatest long-term benefit for the company. This opens the door to personalized support that reflects the value of each individual customer. Two tools that help you calculate CLV are Optimizely and Gainsight.

  • Churn Prediction: AI is also used as an early warning system to prevent customer churn. This gives companies the opportunity to proactively win back customers and strengthen customer loyalty. Two AI tools for churn prediction are Vitally and ChurnIQ.

  • Customer segmentation: The use of AI in sales also allows customers to be matched to suitable offers and channels. This results in optimized segmentation, improved customer communication and higher conversion rates. Amazon SageMaker and Echobot support you with customer segmentation.

If you want to make your sales operations more efficient and take them to a new level with the help of AI, there are now plenty of options open to you. However, there are also some challenges to be aware of.

Challenges Of Using AI In Sales

In a business world that's revolutionizing sales with AI, companies are facing some challenges. We present five key areas in which the use of AI in sales can run into resistance.


  1. Data protection: In the age of AI, data protection is more than just a buzzword. Responsible handling of customer data and strict compliance with data protection regulations are not only a legal obligation, but also a sign of trust towards customers. This is why the use of AI in sales requires not only technological precision, but also guidelines to ensure data protection.

  2. Developing your skillset: With the introduction of AI in sales, the necessary expertise needs to be built up. The lack of experts who have in-depth knowledge of both sales and the use of AI makes it difficult to use new technologies smoothly. This is why appropriate employee training is often necessary.

  3. Integrationsprobleme: Seamlessly integrating AI systems into existing sales structures is a major challenge. In addition to technical expertise, a clever strategy is also required to ensure that AI does not appear like a foreign body in sales and can be easily integrated into company processes.

  4. Cost: The implementation of AI in sales can be very costly. Smart budget planning and resource allocation are therefore essential in order not to break the budget.

  5. Pace of innovation: Rapid progress in AI requires a constant willingness to adapt. Team members in sales must therefore engage in continuous training in order to keep up with the pace of AI innovation.

Keeping these potential problem areas in mind will help you avoid the most common mistakes when introducing Artificial Intelligence. In the next section, you will find further guidance for your start in the world of AI.


5 Tipps For Successful Use Of AI Tools in Sales

AI-based tools and solutions to support sales processes are now a dime a dozen. And while tech pioneers are busily developing their products, promising solutions from new providers are emerging practically every day. With so many choices, it's naturally difficult to make a decision. These tips will help you find the right AI tools in the sales sector:

  • Tip #1: Define clear requirements
    Before you select an AI tool, ask yourself: What do you want it to do and what results do you hope to achieve? This will make it easier for you to find a tool that precisely meets the needs of your sales process.
  • Tip #2: Read reviews and product comparisons
    Learn about the opinions of industry experts and the experiences of other companies with various AI tools. This will make it easier for you to select the right solutions for your requirements later on.


  • Tip #3: Get feedback from colleagues
    Get feedback from colleagues in sales who have already gained practical experience with AI in sales. Their personal insights will give you valuable information on how effective and practical the various tools are.
  • Tip #4: Test your tools
    Test your AI options thoroughly before making a final decision. Hands-on testing will help you ensure that the tool meets your requirements and integrates smoothly into your sales process.
  • Tip #5: Monitor the results
    Integrate your chosen AI tool into your sales process and make sure that it reliably delivers the desired results. Stay open to new developments and regularly check whether there are now even more efficient solutions on the market.

My Advice: It's not just the tool itself that has a major influence on the success of your sales strategy, but also whether it is accepted by all employees. Therefore, don't just confront your team with absolute facts, but take enough time to test and compare different AI tools.

Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence In Sales - Success Redefined

Sales is in a phase of radical change, driven by the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Instead of just bringing small changes, it is really shaking up the sales process. Professional integration of AI is not just a small step forward, but a real milestone for lasting success and convincing sales figures.

In this era of change, a willingness to embrace the possibilities of new technologies is crucial. Companies that boldly take this path and face up to the challenges will not only benefit from the current possibilities of AI, but will also create the conditions for realizing future success.

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