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A successful company or organization needs to look the part with a clear visual identity and a striking, uniform brand design. This requires eye-catching logos, distinctive typography, concise colour schemes & icons - as well as a coherent visual language. At Contentfish, we connect people and brands with innovative designs.

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Identity and Functionality

Let's shape your brand

Contentfish designs convey feelings and values. They're modern without trying too hard to be trendy . Our work gets your message across clearly in all formats and on every device. Our team is passionate about developing and implementing fresh ideas and inspiring with complete, holistic brand experiences.

With just the right (but totally unconventional) questions, Contentfish managed to lay out the values of my company. My new external appearance now accurately represents who we are and how we stand out from the crowd in our industry.
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Kornelia Wolf

Managing Director | YURA Steuerberatung

Brand Strategy

Developing a solid brand strategy is essential to creating a memorable corporate identity. Let's work together to create a style guide that reflects your brand's colours, fonts, tone, and messaging.

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Corporate Design

Brands convey trust and consistency through a uniform visual appearance. Set yourself apart from the competition by communicating clearly that your company provides one-of-a-kind experiences and meets customer needs with ease. Make the values of your company visible through effective corporate design.

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Brand Story
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Reach your target group on an emotional level. As visual creatures, we perceive images more quickly and easily than text, and they often hit us on a deeper level. Illustrations have a powerful impact on your audience, fostering a stronger connection with your brand, and helping  build customer loyalty.

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Print Media

Looking to add a personal touch to your business? Custom prints may seem a bit old fashioned, but they still have a powerful impact. By incorporating unique print products, you can provide your customers with an unique experience they won't soon forget.

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Digital Brand Experience

Show you're on the cutting edge with high quality digital content. Potential customers often make a decision about your online offers in just a matter of seconds. Let us help you make that decision an easy one with captivating digital content.

What's up with content marketing?

Our Content Marketing Blog

The vast ocean that is Content Marketing can be tricky to navigate. Our credo is to create easy-to-understand content, no matter how complex the topic is. Stay curious.

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